G Network Communications provides any one function of the Marketing Development (bizdev/marcom) process, or a complete solution.

The single key critical success factor for any business is growth. And, growth can only be accomplished through sales.

Essentially, a business grows only when an increasing number of prospects are motivated to the point-of-sale (POS). This occurs only when an entity has developed mature product and/or service offerings and has effectively communicated to the prospect that these products and/or services fulfill their unmet need(s). When communicated to the prospect effectively, contracts close and the point-of-sale has been reached.

Motivating the prospect to the POS only occurs through the teamwork and active participation of both Business Development and Marketing Communications. Consistent with industry theories and best practices, we utilize the marketing development model illustrated below, for the specific purpose of illustrating the methods used to motivate a prospect to reach the POS.

As shown in the illustration, a stepwise approach is utilized to move a prospect to the POS.

Business Development provides the clearly defined, articulated and agreed upon businesses, products and services of the organization. It serves as the solid foundation on which the Marketing Communications Plan is developed.
Offer Definitions are developed that define, in great detail, the specific offers the company provides to prospects and customers. These definitions provide the core source information required for the development of Unique Value Propositions (UVP’s).

The proper mix of Communications Channels is then created to speak specifically to the defined target audiences in ways that strike a chord and create an emotional connection with the target. The specific tactical Implementation of the plan Supports and Assists the activities of Sales and provides customers with the information, quality and confidence they need to make the final purchasing decision.

As mentioned previously, and worthy of mention again, Business Development and Marketing Communications activities are segmented, yet inextricably linked. Both must work together to drive the prospect to the POS.

G Network Communications provides any one function of the bizdev/marcom process, or a complete solution. We cater to your business structure. To learn more see our BizDev and Marcom sections: