Short-term Business Development

Short-term business development activities sure-up existing positions in the marketplace and provide incremental revenue while a company is in the process of developing long-term business development processes and infrastructure.

Short-term business development planning is centered on existing core competencies. Short-term business development seeks to maximize and optimize what a company presently does best. It seeks to increase the number of contract awards, for business that falls within the company’s existing core competencies.

G Network Communications suggest a four-step process when pursuing and shaping short-term, new business opportunities. These four steps are the minimum set of activities that must be completed to position a company for success before making a contractual commitment with a client.

• Opportunity Review: Proactively shape client expectations early and continuously (e.g., deal structure, pricing, and schedule.)
• Detailed Estimating: Jointly clarify scope, targets, pricing, deal structure, roles, risks, payment terms, and assumptions.
• Proposal Review: Manage Expectation: no proposal surprises.
• Contract Negotiations: Engage senior leadership in negotiations