G Network Communications provides any one function of the Marketing Development (bizdev/marcom) process, or a complete solution. The single key critical success factor for any business is growth. And, growth can only be accomplished through sales. Essentially, a business grows only when an increasing number of prospects are motivated to the point-of-sale (POS). Read more on Marketing Develpment or see the Bizdev or Marcom sections below for more infomation.

Business Development is, by simplest definition, the conscious decision to seek out, qualify and legitimize opportunities that broaden and deepen the offerings of a business. While seemingly a simple concept on the surface, the activities involved in consciously deciding to develop business are as broad as they are deep.

Business Development is a conscious decision to dedicate resources toward the identification of new growth opportunities for the company, and then design and develop a solid infrastructure to support and deliver these growth new opportunities. (read more)

Marketing Communications is the design and development of communications plans, channels of communications, and tactics that detail, inform, and promote company offers to economic buyers. MarCom efforts are designed, by default, to pick up and drive home the business concepts and strategies articulated by the Business Development team.

By design, Marketing Communications specializes in the articulation of promotional messaging, the development of physical tactics used to promote services, and the means by which sales and support staff communicates with prospects and clients. (read more)